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Aug 21, 2020

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August 21, 2020

First look: You can now self-pour on Capitol Hill — Happy hour has begun at Rapport

The self-pouring is online and Rapport is moving forward as one of the first new ventures to debut on Capitol Hill amid the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

After starting with daytime service of its coffee and cafe offerings, the new food and drink project is ready to add happy hour as it gears up for nighttime hours and opens access to its self-serve beer and wine bar taps.

“We want to be a space that people utilize throughout the day,” David Clawson, Rapport, Café, Bar and Kitchen founder and managing director, said.


Aug 18, 2020

It’s been a while since the “secret Starbucks” of Capitol Hill (a.k.a. Roy Street Coffee & Tea) closed forever. Now it’s a bar called Rapport, and they’re serving wine, beer, bottled cocktails, and a food menu of tartines, sandwiches, and salads. They open at 7am every day, but that’s because Rapport also doubles as a coffee shop. You can order takeout online, or eat at one of their patio tables.

Daily Hive

August 18, 2020

Pour yourself a pint at Seattle’s first self-serve bar

Capitol Hill’s latest restaurant and bar, Rapport, has officially opened its highly anticipated self-serve bar complete with pandemic-friendly plastic mittens and sanitizer.

Guests hoping to pour themselves a pint or two are now able to thanks to a custom-built tap wall, which allows guests to scan a pre-loaded card and try out the taps.

Seattle Met

Aug 14, 2020

The Taps Are Ready at Rapport, Seattle’s First Self-Serve Bar

Ever since word got out that David Clawson is opening the city’s first self-serve wine and beer bar, Seattle’s beverage enthusiasts have been watching a new kind of drinking establishment take shape on Capitol Hill


August 7, 2020

New self-pour wine and beer bar set to open on Capitol Hill next week

A new wine and beer bar and cafe is opening up on Capitol Hill on Monday, and you won't see a bartender in sight.

With more than 100 handpicked wine and beer options on tap, Rapport is a self-pour bar and kitchen located on the north end of Broadway, occupying the space of the old Roy Street Cafe.

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July 20, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has knocked away many hopes and dreams but it won’t keep Capitol Hill from getting its first self-pour wine and beer bar.

Rapport, Café, Bar and Kitchen is slated to open on Capitol Hill in early August putting the large space left empty by the exit of Starbucks and its Roy Street Cafe from the northern end of Broadway last year back into motion with a concept that seems perfectly crafted for these times though the idea for it was born long before the pandemic.


July 10, 2020

Capitol Hill's New Self-Pour Wine and Beer Taproom Plans Late July Debut

In the works since last fall, a self-pour beer and wine taproom called Rapport is preparing to open July 27 on Capitol Hill. The new spot — which will also serve snacks like salads, flatbreads, and cheeseboards — has made some adjustments to its plans due to COVID-19, including an emphasis on takeout and patio seating.....

Capitol hill seattle blog

October 29, 2020

Freedom! Capitol Hill is getting a 'self pour' wine and beer bar

Wine entrepreneur David Clawson is back in the States and ready to lead a revolution of freedom in the wine and beer biz while putting an important Capitol Hill cafe space back into motion. He may have been “Brexited,” as he puts it, but his new battle in Seattle on the north end of Broadway will be about “self pour” and the freedom to explore beyond the class system of fine wine.

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